Mary's Story

Mickey and Staff,

A year ago when all of my "bad luck" started with my back and neck injury, being let go from work and losing my medical insurance.  Doctors turned me away from much needed medical help.  My only thoughts were "nobody cares" just when I thought things were going to get better I find a lump on my throat and the doctor tells me I have thyroid cancer, that was my past year 2009-present. 

Looking back I can say it was the worst year of my life but at the same time the best year of my lfie simple because I found Jesus and now have a solid relationship with him.  Finding Vickie's Angel Walk was his work to show me I was wrong, he cares and you care.  My final pathology report came back benign and I believe the Lord is going to somehow help me with the expense fo the surgery.  Words can't express my appreciation.  This help allows me to get a jump start on my debt.

Again Thank You, Mary

PS-My son was so happy that he could get junk food at the grocery store.

Daunting Medical Bills

Dear Mickey and the Angels,

Hello! We are writing to thank you for the wonderful help and concern and the kindness you continue to extend to us during this time!  We were not very prepared to face this. We're so grateful that you paid our rent for us, allowing us to free up some room for the daunting medical bills.  We've got a long road ahead still. 

We also very much appreciate the Giant gift cards.  We are down to one income now which makes it difficult to get the things we need.  This has been a fantastic help with the baby as he needs specific formula and such and is unable to compromise like we are.  thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Groceries, Baby Supplies & Rent

Dear Mickey and the other angels,
We would like to thank you for helping us get through a very difficult time by providing support and assistance.  Though we have not met yet, we feel very fortunate to know that we will soon be able to! Your organization is absolutely wonderful and unique in its mission.  We are so grateful to have come into contact with you. 

We really feel that your group identifies with and understands our situation.  We are so fortunate to have found you.  THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH FOR YOUR SELFLESS KINDNESS AND CONCERN FOR OUR STRUGGLE.  We can't wait to meet you.  Thank you for helping us with groceries and the expense of the baby supplies, and with help with our rent. Thank you for making this awful situation a little less awful.  God bless all of you!


Christmas Cheer

Dear Mickey,

I wanted to take the time finally to say Thank You for all you help.  Since my diagnosis in March of 2009 of Breast cancer you have been right there with me with encouraging words and financial help.  I could have never done this alone.  God is an awesome God.  But it is an extra plus to have friends like you. 

I also wanted to thank you and your helpers at Christmas with the Christmas gifts you gave us.  They were such a help and made our Christmas a lot merrier.  Today I am going back for out patient surgery to start of my reconstruction.  I will only be out of work for two(2) weeks and back to work.  This has been a long journey which soon will be over.  I have started working a part time job along with my full time during the day.  To start to pay some bills.  I am still Herceptin for about seven (7) more months.  The Taxoxifen for two(2) years.  I still get tired but push forward to live my life to the fullest, for myself and my kids.  When you are single Mom is not a lot if time to rest.  I love my children with all my heart and I believe they have kept me pushing to the end.  Thanks again for all your help and support.

Donna's Story

Hi, my name is Donna and I am 45-years-old.  I am a widow and on the anniversary date of my husband’s death I was told that I had breast cancer. The day before my 45th birthday I lost my right breast. I am alone, my family lives over an hour away. I have 2 children, both in the United States Air Force, one in Italy and one in Germany.

I haven’t seen either child for almost three years now, so going through this alone was so terribly scary. I do have one best friend that stood by me daily and other friends that said many prayers for me, but Mickey he is the best.

Vickie’s Angel Walk took care of my rent and my medical insurance at work so I could continue treatment. That is what Vickie’s Angel Walk is all about--helping to take those worries away so that you can focus on your health.
It is now 8 months later since the surgery and I am back to work and handling almost every- thing on my own again. It is tough, very tough.

Vickie’s Angel Walk is definitely an organization that is heaven sent. You can see GOD’s work being done everyday when they help individuals like myself. You can see how much Mickey adored Vickie through this work that he does in her honor. Bless You Mickey and all of Vickie’s Angels, you are truly ANGELS.