Now that you’ve registered to walk, it’s time to fundraise!

Whether this is a part of the process that you love or usually avoid till the last minute, you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Print the personal walk poster (it’s a standard 8.5 x 11) and fill in your name and the short URL you selected when you registered to walk. Put the poster up at work, the grocery store, your favorite coffee shop… Not sure if you set a short URL? Login to your fundraising page to find out or call our office at (717) 774-3800. Example of finished poster.

  2. Start early. The sooner you start the more you’ll raise and the less pressure you’ll feel to meet the goal you’ve set.

  3. Start with friends and family. Chances are they know why you support our mission and your personal connection will drive them to give. It’s a good idea to remind them of your story or why it’s important to you that we be able to help local families battling cancer.

  4. Tell the story. If you haven’t been personally impacted by Vickie’s Angel Foundation, our website tells the stories of several families we’ve supported. Visit the page at

  5. Ask for your employer’s matching gift. Many employers provide matching donations for their employees’ charity endeavors. Let your employer know you are walking and ask for the matching gift.

  6. Ask your donor’s to check with their employers too. When people donate to you, find out if their company has a matching gift program. It’s a great way to increase donations.

  7. Follow-up! Some of your friends and family members may have every intention of contributing to your fundraising efforts, but they say they’ll do it later and then forget. Make the call or send a follow-up email to these important donors.

  8.  Take advantage of the elements available on your Angel Walk fundraising page. You can provide updates, send email and share on social media. This can be a great place to not only track your donations but communicate with your donors.

  9. Let us help promote your fundraising page. Send us a photo and paragraph that represent the reason why you walk. We’ll post it to our social media and link back to your fundraising page. Send your team name, photo and paragraph to

  10.  Organize a fundraising event. This is a great way to connect with (potential) donors face to face. People are often more likely to donate when you ask them in person. Events don’t have to be fancy. Host a dinner party and ask guests to donate. Hold a party at a bar or restaurant and charge admission or ask the restaurant to donate a percentage of the proceeds.When you send out invitations, include a link to your VAF fundraising page so those who can’t attend can still donate. Hold a bake sale at work, church or your community center. Put out a collection jar so those who don’t want sweets can still donate. Have the link to your fundraising page handy so those who want to make a credit card donation can do so easily. Hold a yard sale and get friends and family to join in. Publicize that it’s for charity. Put out a sign with the link to your fundraising page.

  11.  Ask other businesses and companies to donate. Talk with businesses you use or have a connection to. Large companies often have a person responsible for corporate social responsibility (CSR).

  12. Don’t forget to say thank you. Acknowledge all your donors and thank them for their generosity, regardless of the size of their donation. Every gift is important.