JPL Produces A DVD With Eight Of Our Families

One of our Guardian Angels, Select Medical, was able to arrange a partnership between Vickie's Angel Foundation and JPL, in which one of JPL's interns would be designated to work on a project benefiting Vickie's Angels.

The project chosen was a new promotional video.  Eight family members helped by Vickie's Angel Foundation were chosen to be interviewed.  The videotaping was held in April (see photos below), and what an emotional experience it was for all of us!  From those interviews, a three-minute promotional DVD was produced that is outstandingly effective.  Watch the video here.

The video was shown at a luncheon held at JPL on June 21, with the eight families appearing in the video attending for a private showing.   They did a remarkable job.  And a big thank you to the families who are in the video and were willing to share their story to help others.  Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generosity of JPL which continues to this day, with a second intern project now focusing on a Public Service Announcement and upgrades to our website.  Both parties agree, the real winners in this partnership are the families we help.