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 Vickie's Angel Foundation is among only a handful of charities that take pride in its ability to deliver 100% of its donations to the population it serves. This critical key provides satisfaction to those that give to Vickie's Angel Foundation, knowing that their gift is being handled with great stewardship.When we talk about providing a temporary bridge to those battling cancer, it is our Guardian Angel Sponsors that provide the foundation to that bridge. It is this group that allows Vickie's Angel Foundation to give 100% of donations, by covering the operational costs of the organization. The Foundation runs on the wide support of dedicated volunteers and minimal paid staff, but the administrative and office costs do exist. Become a Guardian Angel by pledging a monthly monetary donation to Vickie’s Angel Foundation. Your donations as a Guardian Angel allow us to continue to give 100% of what is received from our events to where its needed most. Thank you for considering supporting our mission. Click the Link below to make your recurring pledge.


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You, too, can be a Guardian Angel! Vickie’s Angel Foundation is asking the generous and kindhearted to become Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels allow VAF to stick by its promise of enabling all donations from its activities, events, team and individual contributions to go 100% to the families facing financial crises because of cancer.

Guardian Angel contributions also are 100% tax deductible because VAF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Guardian Angel donations are made on a monthly basis from $25 and up. Guardian Angels provide funds so that Vickie’s Angel Foundation’s operational expenses are paid. They include, among others, insurance premiums; legal fees; the printing of our newsletter, brochures and promotional material; T-shirts; the technology needed to communicate in a hurry; and for staffing. None of this comes cheap. Hence, the need for Guardian Angels.